The A, Bee, C’s of Beeswax!

March 15th, 2013 | Fun, Natural Remedies, Uncategorized

Beeswax Benefits and More!

Beeswax Benefits and Facts
Beeswax is a star ingredient in many Aidance products, and we can’t get enough. It’s non-allergenic and won’t block pores. It is a fabulously long-lasting moisturizer and skin protectant that helps to heal damaged skin.

Of course it goes without saying that it’s as natural as natural gets, but there’s so much more to know!

5 Fun Beeswax Facts

These beeswax facts will have you looking at your natural products differently:

5. Beeswax is made of small wax flakes that are produced through glands on a worker bee’s abs. Worker bees are the only type of bee that produce beeswax – even the Queen bee can’t. The worker bees crank these wax flakes out during their short 35-day life span, then extract them using their hind and forelegs before chewing on them to soften them up.

4. There are all sorts of beeswax skin benefits, but it also has another interesting (and practical) use: pure, natural beeswax can be used to grease your cookie sheets and muffin tins for baking.

3. We have  recognized the benefits of beeswax for centuries – the stuff was found in ancient tombs, sunken Viking ships and Roman ruins! It doesn’t spoil and with so many purposes, has always been good to have on hand.

2. Beeswax is known as the original candle wax. Beeswax candles don’t emit nasty toxins like paraffin candles do, and in addition to being super clean, they’re slow burning.

1. Gloriously, there are almost no known beeswax interactions or side effects. That’s a beautiful thing!

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