Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Be Prepared

The weather outside may be frightful (we had 7 degree weather in Rhode Island yesterday!), but freezing or hibernating aren’t your only options. We know you lead an active lifestyle, and want you to keep warm and cozy all season long! One great way to do it is to bundle up – your windows, that is. Practically Green reports that 10 percent of heat energy lost goes right out the window.

To keep it where it belongs, opt for winter curtains of heavier fabrics, and shades. It’s a good – GREEN- idea to keep blinds open during the day to absorb some solar heat gain, and close them each night.

Don’t forget, your skin requires extra TLC in the cold winter months, too – and there are many green solutions to keep it happy. Going from the forced hot air to the brisk outdoors zaps your skin of its natural moisture, day in and day out. Opt for gentle moisturizing products for cracked winter skin, cold and flu skin irritation, folliculitis and more.

Be prepared, and be well!

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