Curb your Sweet Tooth!

A constant sweet tooth may be more than just a taste preference. It’s actually more like an addiction. And I don’t mean in the funny “oh- I’m addicted to Facebook…” sort-of-way, I mean the “sugar is manipulating your brain” way. When you eat sugary foods and snacks, your brain is stimulated into releasing serotonin, a feel good chemical, which may explain why so many of us find comfort in our sugary snacks.

Sugary snacks and feel-good serotonin, may have you asking, “Where’s the problem?” Well, eating too much sugar is hard for the human body to process, and may lead to health problems like diabetes and obesity. Limiting sugar and regular exercise can drastically reduce your chances of many common health conditions. So check this out, we’ve collected some tips that will help you cut down on your sugar intake, but still keep you happy!

Set a Limit

Go ahead- eat your favorite sweet snacks, but keep it under control. Give yourself an allowance of 150-200 calories in sweets per day.

Couple it Up

Pair your sweets with something nutritious, that way you’re body is getting some benefit. Try a mix of almonds and chocolate chips, or fresh strawberries with real whipped cream.

Chew Gum

The sweetness of gum may distract you from mindlessly chomping away on cookies or candies.

Make a Swap

Keep a stash of fresh and dried fruit at the ready. When you start to reach for a sweet snack in the afternoon, have something like an apple or dried prunes ready.

Quality Over Quantity

Stay away from sweets that don’t particularly excite you. There are different grades of chocolate and sweets. Skip the gas station donuts, but indulge in that premium Belgian Chocolate Cake.

Don’t Skip Meals

Becoming overly hungry will turn most of us into angry and irrational beasts, and may lead to poor choices later when you do sit down to eat.

Curbing the desire to eat sweets is the most challenging within the first 12-48 hours. It’s not uncommon to feel irritated, or on-edge when cutting down on sugar. Just keep in mind, that down the line with reduced sugar intake, your body will benefit from things like brighter skin, better weight control, and more energy!

2 responses to “Curb your Sweet Tooth!”

  1. Mix almonds with real whipped cream, sugar is not good for humans, the same is true of Dairy. Humans are not designed to digest cows milk, just as cows are not designed to drink human milk. Dairy is the main contributor in human heart disease. If you believe all the good things the ADA says about milk, you have been sadly mislead.

  2. Kaitlyn Pescatello


    Right on, Marc! You are correct, there are pros and cons to it all! Thank you for the feedback.

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