A World Without Needles — Advances Made in Drug Application Through Skin

April 30th, 2012 | General News

Shots. They’re 15 inches long, have hundreds of tiny barbs that grip tightly to your skin, and the paper you’re sitting on is meant to catch the gallons of blood that come shooting out afterward. Well, at least this is what it seems like while waiting in the doctor’s office .

Even though these needles aren’t nearly as bad as our imagination’s lead us to believe, a new study could make shots a thing of the past.

A research team at Karolinska Institute in Sweden has made major advances in the understanding of the outermost layer of the skin, stratum corneum, at a molecular level.

Drugs that would normally have to be taken at high does via pills or injections, would be administered by a topical cream or ointment. This new knowledge of the skin may also lead to developments for better treatments for skin diseases overall, as the majority of skin diseases begin in this outer layer of the skin.

For more on this research, visit Medical News Today.

Has your disdain for shots faded at all as you’ve grown?

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