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August 25th, 2011 | Video

Take a glimpse into the world of a small-time farmer. Ryan and Mike own and operate Phoenix Hill Farm where they look to provide a place of education, awareness, stewardship, and creativity.

They raise pigs and poultry, grow their own vegetables and perennials, and are giving new life to the soil around them with nothing other than hard work and the organic tools they are given.

At Phoenix Hill Farm, as the pigs grow, they move the earth underneath them, revitalizing the ground and spreading the fruits of their labor. The pigs have helped level out steep hills, plant pumpkins and control vegetation, simply by being allowed to live naturally in the forest.

Chickens and roosters roam free throughout the yard, eating insects that may be harmful to their crops.

They even have their own pottery station and kiln.

Their centuries-old home is continually being updated while keeping the original essence of it all intact. They’re always finding new uses for things others would normally toss out; and can always use your acorns or dandelions to season their meats and wines.

This video is simply meant to show you the harmony that Phoenix Hill Farm has created in the mountains of New Hampshire. No artificial ingredients added.

Take a visit to Phoenix Hill Farm

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