Some Health Blogs I Enjoy

May 26th, 2011 | Nutrition and Health

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not some all-knowing guru on the subjects we cover on our blog. I have to do my research. And let me tell you, I do a lot of it! But as I’m out finding the best stuff out there for you all on healthy skin and healthy lifestyles, I often come across some other very knowledgeable people that I continue to follow. I regularly check them out to find awesome recipes, lifestyle tips and just interesting perspectives on skin and bodily health.

Let me introduce you to some of them…

I’m a big Twitter fan (follow us @AidanceSkincare) so I’ll give you all of their Twitter handles along with their websites.

Healthy Chicks

This is an awesome blog. Rachel Chemerynski posts about every couple of days on healthy, happy and fulfilling living. She has a very personal style and seems to really want her readers to not just be skinny, but actively care for their bodies and minds!

Just check out this quote from her “About Me” section:

“Sure, you can be a size 2, run every day, and eat 100% perfectly, but that doesn’t make you healthy. Being healthy is a lifestyle to me.”

And for you folks on Twitter: @Healthy_Chicks


Looking to tone up a bit? Well Katrina and Karena can certainly help you out. They’re personal trainers with unique, effective workout styles that work for anyone and everyone. They’re fun, personable and are wonderful at providing that perfect amount of positive encouragement and motivation.

And their twitter handle: @ToneItUp

These next two bloggers rock. If you’re a fan of natural remedies, delicious and creative natural and organic cooking, and just little life tips to get you through the days, I urge you to check out either Lora’s or Julie’s blog. They’re also just a joy to read.

Experience A Nutritional Adventure with Lora Krulak

Don’t forget to tweet her: @LoraKrulak

Or visit Julie’s Raw Ambition

Julie loves to tweet, too: @JulieK

The following sites are just fantastic in every way. Skinsight is a great source to learn about nearly anything that could be wrong with your skin and their Skin Matters blog is packed with information and Q&A’s that you may not have thought to wonder about.

EverydayHealth is just what it says. Recipes, tip, news, condition info, Q&As, discussions — you name it, they probably cover it. They even have calorie counter and snack iPhone apps to make sure you can stay healthy even on the go!

For the tweeters: @skinsight and @EverydayHealth

And of course, don’t forget to stop by and the Aidance Skincare facebook, as well. I love to share all the organic and natural recipes, news on the skin health industry, and tips and videos I find on my daily Internet ventures. I’m also available there as an extra Aidance product expert if you have an questions. (Psst. We even host cool giveaways and promotions every now and then, too!)

And continue to return to our blog every week for more of everything your skin and body need to be healthy.

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  1. Doing research on health blogs and reading and applying in to your real life is a great thing.

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