Adult Acne Causes & Treatment

July 17th, 2015 | Acne, Self Improvement

Acne is not only a right of passage for teenagers. Many adults, ages twenty to fifty, struggle with acne. At any age, acne is frustrating. Learn the causes of adult acne, and learn the treatments available for dealing with it.

Causes for Adult Acne

Hormones. Women are especially susceptible to adult acne breakouts. Hormonal acne will occur around the of their periods, during pregnancy, perimenopause, and after starting or stopping birth control pills.

Stress. Stress causes the body to produce more hormones which stimulate oil glands. Avoid acne by practicing stress relief behaviors.

Genetics. If you find that your parents or other family members struggle with acne, then you are likely to also have acne.

Products. Even if you have used the same products for years, sometimes they stop agreeing with the skin in adulthood. Evaluate the products used on the hair, skin, and even laundry detergents for ingredients that may be aggravating the skin.

Medication. Some medications cause acne. Check with your doctor, and if your medication is causing acne, ask if there is an alternative medication.

Undiagnosed Medical Conditions. The body may try to deliver messages to let you know something is wrong. This is not always the case, but speak with your doctor about any underlying medical conditions that may be causing acne. Once treatment is started, acne should clear.

Prevention & Treatment

Daily Cleansing. Everyone should wash their face twice a day. Under-washing causes bacteria to build-up and pores to clog. Over-washing will dry out skin and lead to oil imbalances. Gentle cleansers work well for adult skin.

Treatment Creams. Retinoid creams are good choice for adults with acne because they fight acne and prevent wrinkles. Treatments with salicylic acid will encourage peeling and exfoliation which will alleviate clogged pores.

Read Labels. Switch to products that are clearly labeled, non-comedogenic or oil-free.

Speak with a Dermatologist. If over the counter treatments are not working. Speak with your doctor or find a dermatologist to help. Prescription strength cream or medication may be needed. Some doctors prescribe antibiotics or hormonal treatments to treat adult acne.

Laser Therapy. Medical spas and dermatologists may suggest light or laser therapy. These procedures are expensive and come with risks, but in many circumstances are helpful with severe adult acne.

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