7 Tips for Vegetarian Eating

October 29th, 2015 | Acne, Natural Remedies, Nutrition and Health

Do you feel like you have tried every skincare product possible to clear your skin, but nothing is working? Your acne and skin inflammation may need some extra help from your diet, and skipping the meat may be just the trick. Meals with meat contain saturated fat which has been linked to increased oil production and clogged pores.

Not sure if you can make the commitment? Going meat-free may be easier than you think!

  • Start gradually! Try eating vegetarian once a week. Participate in “Meatless Monday”, before you know it, you may start going meatless throughout the week.
  • Get inspired! Research vegetarian recipes. Start a board on your Pinterest with all the yummy things you find. This will help when it comes to organizing your grocery list each week.
  • Cook ahead! Make your plant-based lifestyle easy. Prepare enough food ahead of time to carry you through your busy week.
  • Mix it up! Eating salad day-in and day-out is boring! Try a new recipe each week- that way you will never be bored with being a vegetarian.
  • Swap it out! Make a list of your favorite meals and ingredients, now cross-off the meat ingredients they include, do the meals still work? If needed, try adding a meatless alternative or tofu to your old recipes.
  • Avoid junk! Instead of reaching for a pre-packaged snack, pack small containers with baby carrots, mixed berries, or nuts. These snacks will give you energy and brighten your skin.
  • Explore new restaurants! Thai and Indian cuisines feature many meat-free dishes that are loaded with flavor. Now you have an excuse to try a ton of new restaurants!

You may still crave meat, and that’s ok. It’s not necessary to completely say goodbye to meat if you dont want to. Keep these tips in mind, and look for ways to skip the meat when it works for you. A plant-based diet will surely make your breakouts diminish and skin glow.

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