7 Green Back-to-School tips

September 21st, 2011 | Self Improvement

The new school year has started, so why not take this as an opportunity to encourage your family and school community to be a little greener.
  1. Have a reusable lunch box or bag that you and your kids can use every day. And don’t stop there. Use Tupperware instead of plastic baggies to hold sandwiches and other nutritious snacks. Camping supply stores have great selections for reusable bowls, containers, forks, etc. *40 Healthy School Lunch Recipes*
  2.  Buy notebooks and supplies made from recycled materials. And buy only what you need. It won’t be necessary for your 7th grader to have four 5-subject notebooks, seven folders and three binders for one semester.
  3. You know that long list of items that teachers ask for from every student at the beginning of the year? Purchase paper towels, tissues and disinfectant wipes made from recycled, non-toxic materials.
  4. If you’re involved in the PTA, advocate to get rid of styrofoam cups in meetings and encourage projects like gardens and composting at the school.
  5. Make a trip to the thrift store for inexpensive supplies, clothes, backpacks and anything else your kid may need for the school year.
  6. Car pool, ride bikes or walk to school if the kids won’t be taking the bus. This will also give you some quality time to catch up on all the schoolyard gossip.
  7. Let your child participate in afterschool activities put on by the community or school. Instead of taking a music class two towns over, keep it close to home or at the school. Less driving means you save gas, time and sanity.

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