A Month Can Change Your Life

February 4th, 2011 | Self Improvement

Seriously! I plan on introducing you to a whole bunch of great ways to improve your skin, body, and mind, so let’s start off with tips on how to effectively work these habits into your everyday routine.

Have you heard that it takes just 30 days of repeated activity to form a habit? The original research on this by Dr. Maxwell Maltz is based on only a 21-day schedule, but better to be safe and go the extra week to ensure the habit is formed. Whether it’s flossing, doing sit-ups, or meditation, it all comes down to rewiring your mind so that it becomes more difficult not to perform the task.

A few months ago I realized I hadn’t been drinking enough water and I was starting to feel the effects from it. I was drinking soda before I would even think of grabbing a glass of water. My skin was drier, breaking out, and I didn’t have as much energy. I needed to train my body to reach for the water in the fridge before those unhealthy soft drinks I had been binging on.

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s difficult for me to even stay on track for a week, let alone a month! After all, 30 days is a long time and a lot can happen that may affect your routine. But in my recent ventures, I’ve come across a few tricks you can use to continue on your new path and not forget or give up five days in.

  1. Incorporate as many of your five senses as you can into forming your new habit. If you want to eat healthier, find a picture of someone of a similar body shape you’re aiming for or write your target weight on a piece of paper and pin it up somewhere that you can see it everyday. The more parts of your brain being associated with the new habit, the better your brain can rewire itself.
  2. Buy some of those markers that write on glass and write yourself a reminder on your bathroom mirror.
  3. Make your habit a realistic one. Don’t suddenly say your going to run five miles a day if you haven’t worked out in a year. Start slow. Do something manageable and you’ll be more likely to stick to it.
  4. Set a daily alarm on your cell phone and don’t ignore it!
  5. Write reminders on index cards and hide them in places you’ll look everyday; the visors in your car, on your bedside table or on your desk at work are all good places.
  6. Simply, don’t make excuses. When that little thought of “I can do this tomorrow” starts to creep up on you, kick it in the butt! Remember, you’re forming this habit in order to better your life, so continue to remind yourself that it’s worth it.
  7. Stay as consistent as possible. If you plan on running more, do it at the same time each day to get your body into a rhythm.
  8. Never give up! If something throws you off and you aren’t able to keep at it, try, try and try again. It’s worth it, remember? Don’t get discouraged because of one little hiccup.

To drink more water, I started leaving reusable water bottles at work, in my car and at home so that I would always have something to fill up and drink water from. I went from drinking almost no water a day to at least two liters a day! Doing what’s right for you, whether it be reading more or eating a healthier breakfast, doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be something you want to do. Wanting to do something is by far the most important step.

What do you want to add to your routine in the next month? Leave it in the comment box below and let’s help each other to make it happen! We’ll be here to cheer you on!

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2 responses to “A Month Can Change Your Life”

  1. marian williams


    i really really want to get fit and healthy please help me to do this as im fighting Thyroid and am constantly tired so no motivation at all just use the car too much and get it hard to stay on track but am really anxious to get healthy

  2. And you deserve to be fit and healthy! A great way to motivate yourself to exercise and eat better is to look at all the positives that will come once you achieve your goal. You’ll have more energy, be happier, be healthier and save yourself from a whole range of potential medical issues. As I mentioned, start yourself off with a manageable goal and move up from there. A few simple things you can try: Go for walks during part of your lunch break at work. Find a workout program that’s fun! Have you ever tried Yoga-Spinning? Or Zumba? These are so much fun and hardly feel like work! Also, to get myself to the gym, I make sure to always leave gym clothes in the car so that I can always stop for a quick workout on my way home from work or running errands. And of course, eat more fruits and veggies as they are a wonderful source for natural energy and are great for overall body and skin health.

    Another motivational tip if you’re looking to lose weight: Buy a new pair of pants or a dress that you want to fit into and hang it up wear you can see it everyday.

    Just stick to it, because it only gets easier. I promise. And keep reminding yourself that this is for you!

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